Arsenault CPC is a family-owned business operated by Rick Arsenault, our original Certified Pool Consultant. After training many other consultants in the business, Rick also trained his son Andy who now operates the business with him. Together, they have more than 60 years experience in the pool industry. The office staff consists of Robbie Arsenault, Stephanie Arsenault, and Ariel (Arsenault) Buss. Servicing pools and providing consulting services is more than a job to us... it's a way of life.


Rick Arsenault, CPC 043148

Rick began his career in 1979, working for a major manufacturer of pool equipment systems. It was there he learned the design and function of nearly everything pool related and his passion for properly managed pools was born. Soon after, he attended Harvard Graduate School of Design for Fountains and Pools to increase his understanding of the industry. With his extensive experience, Rick served as an instructor at the Carl Matthews Contractor's School for Pool Builders and Servicing, teaching students residential and commercial pool maintenance to pass the state licensing class.

From 1982 to 1992, Rick was the Executive Director of the United Pool and Spa Association, and in 1988 was appointed by Governor Martinez to the Public Swimming Pool and Bathing Facilities Advisory Review Board for Florida.

Andy Arsenault, CPC 1456989

Andy grew up cleaning pools and learning all the details right at home. He was such a good student of his father, he began working in the company business as soon as he was old enough. After years of practice, he received his own certification from the state of Florida in February 2005. He continues to learn and add to his 24 years experience.